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SECRET ROAD STUDIOS, owned by keyboardist and composer Clifford Carter, is a full-service production studio.  Backed up on the woods, with the sun setting through the trees, you can focus and realize your musical vision.  Whether you're creating new tracks or overdubbing on existing ones, Secret Road offers a great environment in which to work.

The heart of Secret Road is an awesome Steinway D Concert Grand.  Other keyboards include a Hammond C3 organ (with percussion and Leslie cabinet), a Wurlitzer electric piano, and an array of "hard and soft" synthesizers.  Digital Performer is used to handle any audio or midi needs for master or demo recording.

If you're working in the midi world, Clifford can program the track from the ground up.

If you're looking for instrumentalists or singers to make your music come to life, Clifford, as a 30 year veteran in the NYC music community, can recommend the best players to complement your music.  If you need someone to take over the producing reins, Clifford's versatile musical past is a great reservoir to help you with the big picture.

Here are a few of our recent projects:

Drummer-producer-writer Steve Jordan recorded the basic track to the theme he wrote for the 2004 Democratic National Convention at Secret Road.  Clifford engineered, played keyboards and co-arranged with Steve, who also played drums.  The finishing touches were added by other musicians at the Fleet Center in Boston where the convention was held.

Singer-songwriter Terence Martin brought his basic tracks to Secret Road, and Clifford overdubbed piano and organ on a number of tunes on Terence's latest release "Lost Hills."

Clifford arranged strings and keyboards on four songs for Kiss drummer Peter Criss's solo project.  The parts were recorded at Secret Road on Digital Performer and "flown" into ProTools where Peter works in NYC.

Clifford played piano and sang backgrounds on a Kate Taylor tracking date at BiCoastal Music with Hal engineering.  When the desire to add a rubato piano intro to the song was requested a week later, Clifford recorded it at Secret Road, and the tune was complete.

A CD titled Music From Our Lord's Holy Heaven by Gloria and Jerry Pinckney was recorded and mixed at Secret Road.  Clifford arranged this 22-song CD of gospel songs, spirituals and hymns, which were sung by Gloria with Clifford accompaning her on piano, organ, and tambourine.  The CD was produced by Paul Woodiel, who added his great violin playing on one track.  Released by Harper Publishers, it accompanies a book by the same title and can be purchased at

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